For these custom size and color Balance pants, we need your waist and inseam measurements and your color preferences. The pants are a loose fit, so only these two measurements are enough to make them fitting. Inside the waist part of the pants there's an adjustable elastic band with button holes, so it's easy to make them tighter and looser around the waist.

The baby pants run in 3 sizes:
4-12 months
1-2 years
2-4 years

For the color preference - use short descriptions like "all black", crazy rainbow colors", "earthy greens and browns" or "black with bright pink" etc. The pants are made of recycled t-shirts and finding the right colors on cotton tees is a big part of the making. So note that we can't promise to match your favorite shirt exactly, but we do love to mix and match and design the over-all look to be the way you prefer!
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Adult size $45 + shipping
Kids size (0 to 4 years) $25 + shipping


Organic Silk & Lavender eye pillows
Lavender/ Black/ Turquoise
$25 + shipping
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Blue Jeans Meditation pillow
$35 + shipping
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All of the items are made in our studio using sustainably sourced materials! We make them in small batches and make sure no material goes to waste. Adult pants are made of organic cotton (made in the USA) and of carefully selected used cotton t-shirts. The kids pants are made of the small pieces that are left over from cutting the pattern pieces for the adult pants. The eye pillows are made of organic cotton and organic silk. The meditation pillows are made of second hand denim - and all the big and small pieces that get left over from making all of the products are used as a filling for them!

New arrivals coming Fall 2017!!! Can't wait!